Tuesday, February 5, 2013

mom brain

I have heard the term "mom brain" for a while, before I had my own kids, and before I had this dreaded symptom of becoming a parent myself. 

I feel like I have no working brain cells anymore! I forget everything, if I don't make a note of it it will slip my mind- from play dates to picking up something from a friends house. I forget to bring extra diapers and wipes when we leave the house, I leave half the pile of library books at home. Its ridiculous! 

I forget things I say to people thus making my friends think I have short term memory loss- yup you already told me that... 3 times... sorry. I think it's a combination of the lack of sleep for 4 years, the nagging for more mac and cheese and "no, not THAT power ranger episode" that have driven me into this mom brain fog. 

I pray that someday, it will lift and I will resume life as a normal person. Does anyone else feel this way? Please tell me I am not the only one. 

Just so you don't worry- they are fed, dressed, mostly happy, and cuddled every single day. 

And if you are a photography client friend- I reserve a special section of working brain cells just for you. All of that works flawlessly. Have no fear. 

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