Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Weston is 11 months

Oops, getting to this one a little late aren't I! but it's the first time I've been late all year so I still get a high five, right?

Here we go, 11 months old! Actually almost ONE year old. We are in the same month as his birthday. I am a mess, someone come hold me. I hate that we are here already, I wish time would have slowed down like I begged it too every month this year. I am not ready for him to be this big and its breaking my heart. Why do they have to grow up so fast?
and isn't that the cutest outfit you've ever seen?! thank you old navy.

But he's pretty freaking cute though, and totally awesome to boot. Here is what 11 months is like- 

weighs about 18 pounds
wears 9 or old navy's 6-12 month size clothes with room to grow
cloth diapers or size 4 because Ryan still wears them and I am too cheap to buy 2 different sizes when they are close enough

goes to bed around 7:30 and gets up around 8am. 
wakes up once to nurse, I love it and will let him do it for a while longer
sleeps in his crib and occasionally in our bed after the midnight nurse

in the middle of transitioning himself from 2 naps to 1. not sure how i feel about this one yet! he stays awake and plays during his first nap and then takes a really long one in the afternoon but he seems to still need that time in the morning, even if hes awake

still has never had a night away from me, I'm not ready for that one at all

Nurses morning and night, maybe once during the day. 
Taking away the formula bottles because he is starting to hate them
eats 3 full meals and snacks of real food 
starting to get picky with what he eats! (bahh, advice needed!)
loves water in his sippy cup, still never had juice and I am happy about that

still isn't walking on his own
turned everything into a push toy, including kitchen chairs and walks around with them
loves to empty kitchen cabinets

busts up laughing when he THINKS he will get tickled, its the best
makes snorty faces at me when he doesnt like something

shakes his head no
calls me mama

obsessed with his blanket and pacifier

loves baths

HATES socks and shoes and pulls them off within seconds

getting cuddly again and wants to be held a lot

has 4 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth

thinks getting his nails clipped is the worst thing ever

likes to wrestle with Ryan

loves to have his picture taken (gets a huge cheesy grin when I pull out my camera)

surprisingly stays away from the christmas tree! win!

we are all his favorite people this month! he is happy with mom, dad, and Ryan all the same

I can't wait for his birthday party! I am putting together some fun stuff to celebrate his first year and excited to watch it all come together. Keep your eyes out for some sneak peeks! 

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