Friday, November 16, 2012

my sweet Ryan

He kept asking me to take "photos" of him today. We were watching Sesame Street and Elmo was talking about cameras and taking pictures- he had a light bulb moment and goes MOM you are a photographer! He loves my job and loves watching me edit all my client photos, he calls them his friends.

 He is growing up so fast the last few months I can't even believe his personality some times. Today he asked me whats the difference between diet coke and root beer... because he was really curious he said.
 Also we conquered the life threatening fear of #2 on the potty. I won't go into the horribly disgusting details but we have called a ton of family and friends to tell them the good news, if you got the call- thank you for your over the moon reaction for his sake, he is so proud of himself and "its not that scary actually"
His stubbornness is still in full swing and we now will go toe to toe a few times every day and it always results in ridiculously long stand offs over very simple things. My mom wisely keeps reminding me that I am training him to be an adult. It helps me have perspective when I am wanting to pull my hair out.

He still doesn't sleep well and now that he can speak so much and actually explain what is going on he tells us that he feels sad and lonely, that he doesn't like to sleep by himself and when he does he "has a bad sleep" I don't think he is working me over on this one, I truly believe him. We made him a bed on the floor in our room and if he feels sad or lonely he can sleep in there and it is working great. I don't blame him, who likes to sleep alone? 

We had to drop him from school for financial reasons (boo) but trying to find activities to keep him occupied during the day! I hope to get him enrolled again in February. 

Other than his typical 3 year old crazy antics he is really an awesome kid. He is so much fun to be around and the conversations we have just kill me, he is so bright, so aware of everything everything around him. He is constantly correcting me when I say or do something "naughty" like using the word stupid on the phone yesterday. He refused to share his juice with me the other day, stating "its just for kids sorry" because when I have a Diet Coke I tell him, sorry just for moms! Little stinker...... 

I love him so much!

I thought about editing out that nasty tattoo on his arm but I wanted to preserve him at this moment, constantly missing layers of clothes, bed head, and some sort of temporary tattoo or half of a sticker somewhere.

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