Sunday, September 16, 2012

trip to idaho

We aren't quite done with our vacation but I just wanted to jot down a few things we've been up too before mom brain takes over and I forget everything.

We (aka me and the kids, no hubs!) left on a Monday and over the previous weekend we bought a new-to-us dodge caravan! I am so happy and I love being a minivan mom. They are just so flipping practical it is crazy and anyone who can't get over a social stigma about vans can just ride with me for a day and I will prove them wrong. My van, Martha, kicks trash.

We loaded up the VAN and left super early Monday morning, our 10 hour drive took 12 which wasn't bad considering that I had a nursing baby and a toddler in underwear (bonus points for the fact that he can go on the side of the freeway) My kids normally think they are dying on the monthly drive to Seattle so I was terrified that they would be awful the whole drive but the Lord was with us and I had MAYBE 10 minutes of fussiness combined the whole day. I was so blessed.

We didn't do anything crazy on this trip, we just hung out with family and friends. If you ask me that is the BEST vacation. I am pretty low key and loved being able to "relax" with my loved ones. I word it that way because without hubs I was parenting alone ALL week and it was so hard doing that away from home. I am used to naps and laying on the couch early in the morning while the kids play, and lazy evenings after dinner! But we had so much fun.

We broke up our time between 2 Idaho cities and a day trip to Utah to see Shawntae, Kingston, and Navy! Seriously that girl is amazing, it was the second time we have seen each other and its like we are best friends/sisters separated at birth. I love her tons and our kids love each other too, they had a blast.

I got to meet up with my oldest/longest friend of 11 years who is going to school in Rexburg! We have known each other since jr high days and here we are, both married and moms! I love when I see her because its as if not a day has gone by since we were together, we pick up right where we left off.

Weston started getting really sick while we were on this trip. He cried the whole 3 hour drive back to Idaho from Utah on Thursday night and then got the worst stuffy/runny nose, fever, rash, and couldnt breathe, eat or sleep. I took him in to the ER on Friday night to get him checked out and they said he was fine, today (Sunday) 2, possibly 3 VERY big top teeth are breaking through... go figure.. He has been miserable most of the weekend and I dont blame him!

Ryan has had so much fun playing with cousins, friends, aunt, uncle, and great grandparents! He is a total home body though and is practically begging to go home already so we are leaving a few days earlier than I planned but its okay.

I wish portland/vancouver had a splash pad. They are the BEST for younger kids and Ryan is totally obsessed now.

My middle sister, Leah, lives in Idaho so we got to see her too! We don't get to see her often so it was awesome when she offered to take the boys for the afternoon and play with them so I could go see my grandma in the nursing home- that was the biggest reason I came, but that is a post all in itself.

So far we have had a great time, ready to go home, but not ready to leave our family and friends yet! 

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The Huskinson's said...

Glad you had a great trip. There is a splash park at Blue Lake park in Portland. I've never been, but my cousin takes her kids and they love it.

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