Wednesday, August 22, 2012

end of summer. almost.

I woke up and checked my instagram feed just like I do every morning, you never know who of my friends had a baby over night after all. Today caught me off guard because all my Utah and Idaho friends were getting their littles off to the first day of school! We are still soaking up summer days here, and will for a little while longer. 

12 days to be exact. 12 more days of lazy mornings, breakfast at 10am, and swimming in the pool in our underwear in the afternoon- Ryan, not me I swear. 12 more days for Ryan to be my little toddler and not a school attending, big kid. 

I know it is only preschool but I am sure I will feel the same way Kelle did here.

I can tell you're nervous. I am too. And I have replayed in my mind so many times what tomorrow will look like. I want you to be happy. I want you to run into that classroom and feel the opportunity that exists between those walls, in those books, through those friends. You might not feel it right away, and that's hard for me. Because I won't be there to hold your hand when you're feeling a little bit insecure, reminding you of your strengths and the happiness that exists around you. 

So for now I am planning on soaking up every last minute of summer break before the structure of fall beckons us. We have more farmers markets to attend, more bubbles to blow, more otter pops to eat, and more sidewalk chalk to dissolve in the pool  color with. 

This crazy baby with his manly eye brows and all, is going to miss his sidekick big time. They really are best friends.

He started cutting his top teeth this week and decided that he is okay with breastfeeding again, yay!

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