Monday, August 13, 2012

cloth diapering update

I can't believe its been 4 months since we started cloth diapering (CD) It is such a normal, easy part of our lives now and I cant imaging going back. Just wanted to do an update on the whole thing. 

I am using bum genius 4.0 one size pocket diapers. To see a video on how they work click here. Pretty much it's a cover with 2 inserts that go inside a pocket and snap closed. They are one size fits all (most) so Weston started wearing them when he was about 12 pounds and he will wear the same style up until he is potty trained! You just adjusts the snaps to fit each size. Great if you have 2 in diapers! 

I have 12 of them which is not enough but I make it work. I am hoping to get about 6 or 7 more. Luckily I don't have a heavy wetter on my hands. Right now I wash every other day- I wouldnt recommend any longer between washes as they start to stink.

1 wash cold, single rise with bac out 
1 wash hot, extra rinse with charlies
the inserts go in the dryer and I line dry the covers, they dry in a few hours!

It doesn't take that much longer time wise and I haven't noticed our water bill increase.

What about wipes?
I am using kirkland signature (costco) wipes and I use them like normal and ball them up in my CD just like normal. When its time to wash I pull out the inserts and toss them, the cover, and the wipes all in the wash. Then after, I toss the clean wipes. Why you ask? Unless you carry a baggy for your dirty poopy wipes its really awkward to dispose of and I dont want nasty wipes in my garbage can. This is an easy fix.

Stuff what?
After they are clean and dry, I take a few moments while the kids are playing to stuff them all. Meaning I put the inserts in the covers. The diapers I have, have 2- a thin one and a thick one. I stuff them all differently. Some have 2 thins, or 1 thick, or a thick and a thin. That way I can grab whatever I think we will need. So if I have a long day or its night time I grab the most padded ones. 

I change him the same frequency I would in disposables. When its time, I have to change the whole thing, new cover and all and at home I keep them a basket in the laundry room and always have the fan on in there to help the air circulate. I also have a scentsy if it gets stinky. If we are out I just stash them in a ziplock til we get home. I am a cheap-o that will be covered later on. 

The poop thing and the smell factor
But what about the POOP? Breast milk poop is 100% water soluble so no rinsing or anything just toss them in and they get clean without trashing my washer. When the poop starts changing when you introduce foods you can do a few different things. Back in the day they would rise them in the toilet, rubber gloves and all. You can still do it- its free and I have tried it. I prefer a diaper sprayer! You can make your own from home depot supplies or buy one from bum genius. They attached to the water valve at the back of the toilet and you can spray the poop off. They also make liners that are flush-able. I use those the most so when he poops I just plop it all in the potty and flush then toss them in the wash- super easy. Its no nastier than it sitting in your garbage stinking up your house for a week. And lets face it, we have ALL had baby poop on us regardless your diaper method. Do they stink? A little. Its just the pee though cause you got rid of the poop, remember? But seriously you wash so often that it never gets annoying and I cant smell them unless I am in my laundry room and thats just when its time to get a load in. I would rather have that than a diaper pail- those are so much worse in my opinion!

Diaper Rash
rashes happen no matter the diaper- I think some kids are more prone to it. Ryan never once had any and he wore a few different kinds of disposables over the years. Weston has it all the time not matter which diaper or soap or wipes I use. You cant use regular creams with cloth! I recommend Grandma El's diaper rash cream. It smells so good and CD friendly 

Doing it the cheap way
I bought my diapers at Cotton Babies and they were super helpful- but I couldnt spend a thousand bucks to get started like they suggested I do. I skimped on a diaper sprayer (didnt need one til he was 7 months old cause of the breast milk factor and then we made our own) I didnt buy the special pail with the charcoal disk to help with smell, and I dont have any wet bags. That last one always gets people and they thing I am a weirdo. I should probably get one so I can cut back on how many ziplocks I go through but for the last 4 months I havent NEEDED one. I dont recommend skipping on soap though- get the good stuff. 

I have had so many people say they couldnt afford to do the start up. But thinking back, everyone I know buys a pack of diapers here or there while they are pregnant to soften the blow. Do the same thing with cloth. Buy one every now and then until you have enough. Just because you buy cloth doesnt mean you have to do it ALL the time. If you have 2 diapers for now thats fine, use the 2 in rotation with your disposables. 

Because I really dont have enough yet, Weston wears a few disposables every week and its totally fine. 

All in all, I love CD. I am so happy we made this choice for OUR family. I know it isnt for everyone and this is not trying to persuade anyone to our side of the party but if you were curious I hope this helped and if you have any questions totally ask away! 

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