Saturday, July 14, 2012

the day with a lot of poop

If you have been friends with me for last few years you will know my struggle with potty training Ryan. I know it happens when they are ready and there is no way around that. However-

At 17 months he started willingly peeing on the potty. He asked to go and everything.

At 25 months I got the 3 day potty training guide by Lora Jensen- followed it and failed.

At 2.5 years we tried again. Failed. I wasnt pushing it we just would try for a few days and played it by ear, if it worked then great if not we will try again another time. on HIS terms after all!

I told him when he was 3 he couldnt wear diapers anymore and he would have to figure it out. As far as peeing goes it WORKED. It took about 3 weeks for him to start going without me nagging him and only every now and then he would need some help- no accidents at all though :)

Pooping is a WHOLE different ball game. He refuses to go on the toilet, we have had 3 hour long stand off's in the bathroom over it. For a while he would only go in a pull up while he was sleeping which we would have to go in and change because within seconds of the deed our whole house would smell like poop.

Now he started pooping in his underwear and I try to catch him and run him to the potty but it happens so fast. IF we make it he will just hold it in and start screaming. He will pause for .2 seconds and its done. I am making him clean himself off and rinse his underwear in the shower which means he has to touch the poop. The first time he hated it but that didnt stop him from doing it again.

Today he pooped in underwear twice and then on the carpet all up and down the hall way up stairs. I also changed about 3 of Weston's poopy diapers.

Today was crap. Literally.

Tomorrow sounds like a GREAT day to talk about my PPD, cause days like this really arent helping!

Oh and I have thrush on my "nursies" it hurts so incredibly bad. Ughh.

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