Thursday, May 3, 2012


comparing Ryan and Weston both at 4 months. not as different as I thought.

things going on in this house-

my BABY posted up to his hands and knees tonight in his crib. oh my gosh someone make it stop. i want my infant back. 

every time Weston cries Ryan goes over to tell him "I know.." over and over in a super sweet voice. Like mommy, like son!

My baby that poops once a week has pooped 6 times today. Enough is enough kid! 

We are still cloth diapering and LOVING it. To see our why and how click here 

They have been getting up SO early. Like sometimes before 7. Which for Mandy would be sleeping in but I am used to it being at least 8. I need more sleep than I am getting for sure. 

Weston is blowing raspberries like crazy I need to keep a bib on him because there is SO much drool everywhere. 

I love my boys so much but this mom of 2 thing is hard work. I know we will have more kids but the thought of it just makes me so nervous right now. 

I am feeling REALLY excited and happy about how things are going with my photography business. I am getting busy and every day I count my blessings and pray things continue to get better and better. I have met some great people and have learned SO much about business, my camera, working with people. All of it has made me a better/happier person. I love it! Go check us out and give me a like on facebook

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