Monday, May 21, 2012

Ryan-isms vol. 6 | birthday party photos

I am quite proud of myself for actually sticking to something longer than a week or 2. Remember Weston's photo a week?! Still doing it but just never label and post them here.

I have a post it note up on my computer that I will write these all down on its the easiest way to keep track as they all happen so quickly.

Anyway, onto the show..

His brother is now "the weston dude"

"Weston is laughing at me like a doofer!"
   whats a doofer ryan?
"Like a big kid!"

"MEEEEE to the rescue"

He is a food snob. He only likes really yummy things so its not all bad- we eat well! He only likes organic fugi or honey crisp apples. I never tell him what kind they are I just cut it up and hand it over. SO today I cut up what looked like a gala I found in my moms fridge and he ate a slice then handed them back stating "these are all gross apples mom"

After dancing around in a circle patting all his private parts he stated he was "doing the dance on my pen*s and my bum."

"mom I have this cute hat on, come take pictures of me with the window in your room" 
can you tell I am a photographer? hehe 

"no mom you stay here, I'm just going to go peek in on Weston" 

"I ate so much I have a BIG tummy now like you" 
sheesh thanks kid


and now for the birthday party, in photos. 
we kept it small this year, just close family and 2 of ryans friends that happen to be sisters with their parents. everything was yellow and he had a "naked cupcake" with no frosting per request. it was a great day.


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