Thursday, March 29, 2012

raising my sons

I hope that I am the one to raise my sons all the days of their lives. I am their mama, I know every inch of them, I know what they need without them even asking. I know their laughs, their cries, their looks. 
But sometimes hard things happen. Sometimes mama's dont get to be there for their children's lives, sometimes they are needed more in heaven than here on earth. If that were ever the case I know that my sons will be loved and looked after so well. They have so many amazing people in their lives- they are so incredibly lucky.
There are some things I want them to know, and do. There are things that I try to do every day that I hope would continue on-
Tell them you love them at least 10 times a day. Tell them they are special, Jesus loves them, they are born to do great things. Tell them they are brave and strong. Make sure they say their prayers every night, have family home evening once a week I dont even care if its on Monday's.
Give them lots of TLC. Hug them constantly, carry them around even if they are old enough to walk. Hold their hands, tickle their backs (or their faces they LOVE that) Cuddle on the couch. Rub your hands through their hair. Dont let them cry or be scared. Kiss their boo boo's
Lay in bed with them before they fall asleep. Read lots of books, sing songs about Jesus, sunshine, and even hot dogs. Talk about everything, share secrets, tell stories, recap your day. Ask them questions to get them talking.
Let them get balloons from Nordstrom, eat m&m cookies at Panera, stop by the park and let them run around in the sun or rain. Take lots of walks. Write them notes and mail them back to the house. Color pictures and put them on the fridge. Have movie nights at home with pop corn and the lights out. Enjoy tickle fights and building forts.
Give them bubble baths and let them play til the water is cold and they are wrinkly raisins. Give them Eskimo kisses and do our secret handshake. Build towers with blocks and knock them over- repeat over and over again. Rock them to sleep sometimes, even when they are big. Let them sleep in bed with you and be the little spoon.
Reward and praise good behavior and try to forget the bad. Give them treats. Remind them that Heaven is wonderful, that we all get to live there together again someday. That Jesus is there too and he loves us.

Tell them mommy loves them to the moon and back.

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