Saturday, March 17, 2012

life lately

come on in, sit down, and lets just hang out. lets talk about all the things going on lately.

I would tell you all about the great trip to Utah and Idaho I just had. I saw my baby sister graduate from high school, visited with old friends, saw my grandparents, and had a lot of really amazing quality time with my mama. I would tell you that I miss her so much even though we talk every day. I wish we lived closer, she really has become my rock these past few years, she is so inspiring and wonderful.

I would talk about my fear of Alzheimers. My grandmother has it very bad, she needs to be in a nursing home as it is becoming really hard for my grandfather to care for her. Her mother had it, my mother will have it, and if they dont find a cure I will most likely get it too. I'm scared.

I would tell you how my baby is growing up over night it seems. I moved him into his own room today and he has recently found his voice, he loves to talk. He is also turning into a thumb sucker. I thought I would have the power to stop that one but he is very determined and even wants to suck his thumb while I breastfeed him.

Speaking of breastfeeding, I have mastitis. I could barely sleep last night I was so nauseous from the pain and fever, today i ache so bad I can barely move my arms and take a breath. I would cry to you because I was supposed to be a gymnastics camp today and couldnt go. I know I let my friends down, they needed me there.

We would laugh about how I clean up my house every night before bed but by 10 am its littered with toys, blankets, sippy cups, and whatnot- but it means we have fun, my children are happy and able to play. We would watch Weston in awe because at 2.5 months old he is trying to sit up on his own and does a pretty good job at it. I would roll my eyes because Ryan is still up stairs singing to his baby doll and driving trucks  on  his bed instead of taking a nap.

I'd ask you what to do about my camera, I dropped it in Utah and its toast. Do I buy the same model again or do I upgrade like I was planning on... just in a few months and not really ready now. I hate not having my camera I feel like I am missing so much already.

I'd ask you how you are doing, if there is anything you want to vent about because I am all ears. I would tell you I really appreciate you coming over because sometimes I am lonely. I'd say thank you for being such a good friend.

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Etosia (e-tasha) said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandma. Alzheimer's is a terrible disease. My Great Granddad had it & it was really hard to watch him change & forget who he was and who we where. Could you imagine what a gift it would have been if they had left behind "blogs" for us to read?!

Libby's Life said...

I totally understand! I get so lonely sometimes too since I'm only with Zane 99% of the time and it gets very lonely. I hate it sometimes but I love that my husband works so hard so that I can stay home with my boy. It just gets to be alot of no adult contact! So if you ever feel lonely feel free to call me! I'll email you my number. :)

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