Wednesday, February 15, 2012

thank you pinterest vol 2

One of my favorite things on pinterest is looking at all the cool printables/signs/wall art. So many great ideas- so its 2:09 am and for who knows what reason I am wide awake. What better to do than make up a few of my own. After all we are all supposed to be using and making the things we pin.. right?! ;)

These are screen shots of 2 prints I did. It took me only a few minutes each using Heritage Makers (I spent more time deciding on fonts than I did anything else) They will be printed out on heavy duty paper and mailed to me in about a week. Easy as pie.

actual size 11x14
going in the boys bathroom. they need reminders right?! 

actual size 12x12
going on my gallery wall above our new couch :) 

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Lots coming up on the blog soon...

* how the great room is coming along
* parenting the same way and getting 2 different results. my kids are polar opposites
* how we spent our first valentines day as a family of 4
* so many random other things I can not think of at this time. 

I will be away at a state gymnastics meet this weekend so things are crazy busy til I am done. Did you know I coach gymnastics? Well you do NOW! My girls rock. One of them even reads my blog and babysits my beautiful crazy kids. Shout out to Hay! 

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