Saturday, February 11, 2012

pillow talk with the toddler

My parents did a lot of things right. One of the best things was bed time. They had 4 children and every night they would make the rounds to each of our rooms one a time for back tickles, book reading, and late night heart to heart chats. The talks were my favorite and one of my most cherished memory from my childhood. 

They sometimes lasted way past bedtime, we didnt really pay much attention to the clock on the best nights. I learned about my parents, they learned about me. We talked about school, friends, faith, goals, responsibly, and boys. I always knew they were there for me and I am so grateful for all their advice and support for me. We still have those long chats to this day. I dont know what I would do without them. It is priceless. 

Hubs and I are bringing this tradition into our home. Every night no matter how tired we are, we lay in bed with Ryan for a while, sometimes over an hour. We read books, sing songs, talk about our day, say prayers, and cuddle lots. We talk about baby Weston, the rest of our family, Jesus, and how much we love him. We will do the same thing with West and the rest of our kids when they come.

It makes bed time pretty awesome if you ask me. 

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