Friday, January 20, 2012

feeling it

Its been 3 weeks of heavenly bliss at our house. I dont know if it was hubs being home from work for over 2 weeks, the heavy pain meds, or just mama adrenalin but I have been LOVING life with 2 babies. Things have been easy, I have felt somewhat rested, and we have been in a good grove.
3 weeks old

But now I am feeling the reality of 2 kids. 2 kids in diapers, 2 that dont always want to eat well, 2 that dont sleep when they are supposed too, 2 that cry at the same time, 2 that want to be held at the same time. I knew this would happen eventually but I am lucky if I get out of my pj's by 4pm and we do more than just watch movies all day. I will give it another week or so then I am kicking myself into high gear and getting back into a normal schedule.

It is still wonderful however. I love these 2 boys more than words, and they feel the same about each other. They played for 45 minutes without me today.

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