Thursday, September 15, 2011

28 months

Ryan has done a lot of learning and a lot of growing this summer and now that we are back in hoodies and boots its time to look back and reminisce on the summer where my baby became a big boy. Today at the grocery store I hardly recognized him. It was like someone put me in a time warp and all the sudden I was standing in aisle 4 between the cream of mushroom soup rack and the pasta noodles. Here I was with a very functional, very talkative, very self sufficient child.

I still push my shopping cart back and forth in a rhythmic motion as I did for so long to keep my colicky baby somewhat happy but it is no longer needed. I remember carrying the big heavy infant seat across the parking lot, making sure I had extra burp rags and pacies in the diaper bag, and that I had recently breastfed as to avoid having to stop and find a couch somewhere. All the sudden there on aisle 4 I was snapped back to the reality of my life 2 years later as Ryan was kindly shouting at me to buy the Elmo soup so we could go home and put it in bowl to nom up.

So here we are my little 2 year old boy, here is what you have been up too-

  • wearing 2T clothes, though they are still a big big
  • size 4 diapers
  • size 7 shoes, almost 7.5
  • weighing in around 27 lbs and about 35" tall 
talking non stop in your own version of english. The Elmo conversation with the soup? It went like this. "Mama! Me home! Ewmo, ewmo, me boll, ewmo nom nom!" Yes and your daddy and I understand every word of it. Its a miracle. I should be leaving a translation guide for the babysitter.
nom/eat- you're hungry
sign for orange means juice
me hup- help me or I want to help you
wawa- water
pop- pop corn OR sandwich OR anything that comes out of a toaster. mostly sandwich
hodod- hot dog
moo moo woof- macy the dog
growling sound- tiger, lion, bear, dinosaur, monster
hoo hoo- train OR hula hoop
mama candy- medicine
me hullo- phone
rio- all birds, or angry birds the game
ewmo- sesame street
sizzi- scissors or a knife. anything that cuts
shooom- car, airplane, or flying
shooom boom- fireworks
beep beep- alarm clock
nun!- done
ass- ice (yeah I know)
hop hop- bunny

The best part about you talking is you have such positive affirmation! Everything is "me (whatever you want) Uh Huh!" Like if you say yes after every request I will also say yes.. Its so cute so I usually do.

Currently your favorite toys are your train set, the toy story pop up tent, your toy kitchen, and matchbox cars. You LOVE sesame street and its all you want to watch at the moment, you are obsessed with all the characters, elmo and cookie monster are your favorite.

You have become a really picky eater. You eat at least 2 peanut butter sandwiches a day and anything else you eat you take 3 bites of and are done. You still drink TONS of water but are finally warming up to the idea of milk and love your vanilla soy.

Potty training is taking a break, we tried for the whole month of June because you had all the "ready" signs but it wasnt clicking. You are much easier for diaper changes now so I'll take it.

You started taking really long naps! It happened about 3 weeks ago and I am not holding my breath or anything but I am loving it and you are so much happier. They are usually 3 to 4 hours long. You are still sleeping 12 hours at night (waking up a few times and half the week ending up in our bed for a few hours) but still 8pm-8am.

You are still so curious about the world around you, constantly exploring, talking to strangers, hunting for stuff outside, helping daddy with his tools and fixing stuff. You love your friends and your family, we video chat with them a few times a week. You are still super awesome at our phones and computers.

You love to say your prayers, you tell me it makes Jesus happy. You wont eat your food til we pray and I am sorry to say that if I get super busy I toss the food on your tray and 2 minutes later there you are with your arms folding, scowling at me. You ask Heavenly Father to bless all our family (including your new baby) and all our friends and your taggy blankets every night before bed. You have such a sweet spirit. You LOVE mommy's tummy and talk about baby "es" (hehe thats all your getting of his name for now!) all the time, you remind me that there is a baby in there and tell me he is getting BIG. You pretend that your baby dolls are your brother and they take naps with you. You will be the best big brother ever.

Finally after 27 months you learned how to say NO. It is frustrating when everything that comes out of your mouth lately is no-no but we are working through it. I am just grateful you didnt figure it out sooner.

All in all big boy, you ROCK. You are so smart, so nice, so involved in our lives, so helpful.. we dont know what we'd do without you! We love you tons monkey :)

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