Sunday, June 5, 2011

weekend happenings part 1 #bbcsea

If you follow my tweets @lmalberts you have read about the fabulous/crazy/wonderful things that were seen and heard at Bloggy Boot Camp, Seattle (#bbcsea) this weekend! If not I am going to give you a snap shot play by play here.
Friday- pick up blog friend Amy, whom I had never met before and drive to meet up with Stephanie and Mandy, who I have also never met! Ahh talk about nerve racking! I have known these girls via blogging, fb, and twitter for almost a year now and its completely amazing and crazy how much we are all in love with each other at first sight. I had the BEST time ever with them, never awkward silence or not sure what to say, never a dull moment. It was a non stop best time of your life ever kind of weekend. We stayed up til nearly 3 am talking. It was wonderful being with girls who knew me inside and out, its crazy how much we can know about a person by following their blog for a while, these girls are my kindred sisters and I love them to pieces.
L to R. Amy, Me, Stephanie, Mandy

Saturday was our beloved all day blog boot camp. We had class after class on content, monetizing, time management, networking, and pretty much being a blogging bad mama jama. My head was swimming by the end of the day with all the things I learned it was such a great experience. The best part of the day was meeting the lovely Mama Kat . I am in love with her blog and weekly writing workshops which I am promising myself and you that I will start up again soon. Not only is she talented and witty she is a glamazon. So gorgeous and so tall I was pretty much in awe of her. The girls convinced me to finally and bashfully introduce myself at the end of the day, oh heck yes she took a picture with me using HER iphone. I got a few shots too but dont have them back yet. She is just amazing.
 more of us girls

Saturday night we met up with tons of other local blogging mama's! Some I have been reading for a while and a few new ones too. I am so grateful for this little community I am blessed to be a part of. It really is like for moms (thanks Melissa!) We had a blast restaurant hopping and taking our steppin out saturday photos. Mandy who started the trend was even there!
cardigan - BP
T -
belt - BP
jeans - american eagle
shoes - gap
baby - husband

hello almost 11 week jelly bean bump

I had so much fun if you cant tell already. I am so ready for the next PNW blogger meetup! Next time I will actually get my camera out of the car and not wait for everyone else to email me pictures. I will post me and kat and our BIG saturday night group another day.

Oh and dont worry about me having a fun filled weekend and leaving the boys home to fend for themselves they headed off to the beach for hubs family reunion! I am pretty sure Ryan needs to live at the coast he was so mad to come home.. more on that tomorrow!

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Courtney K. said...

Yay!! Glad you guys had a great time! I'm so bummed I wasn't able to come this year. :(

rachel said...

you are adorable! and it was great to meet you, even just for a little bit! congratulations on your new little jelly bean. : )

Mrs. T said...

Love the outfit! You look so cute!!

Daren and Andrea said...

That is the most adorabel bump, EVER!

AmyLee said...

umm, i look like a giant in those second two pictures... wth? haha. you? look adorable. i had SO much fun with you this weekend!! miss you already.

nicole. said...

such a super cute stepping out photo :)

it looks like you had a blast. cheers to bloggy friends.

Mama Kat said...

I want to eat you...and your baby bump...and your entire group of friends. You all were so smiley and adorable and remind me of a few friends that I've bonded with online too. I SO get this!

And ps thank you for saying so many nice things about me!! Wow...I think I fell in love with myself. ;) I needed that today!

Mandy said...

Oh you're welcome for the photos!!! Miss you already - such a fun weekend!

jennyonthespot said...

LOVE this! This is what it's all about! IRL FTW!!!

I can't wait for the next PNW meet-up too!!! SO much goodness! And your belly is all kinds of adorable :)

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