Tuesday, June 21, 2011

3 day potty training day 1

Its 2:00pm, Ryan is napping in what I am sure is a huge pile of urine. Yummy huh. My house is covered in tinkle. The couch, the carpet in 3 rooms, 2 seat cushions on my kitchen chairs.. I have been tinkled on twice. He LOVES to go in his new froggy potty. He has gone it a TON. So why does he still need to empty a full bladder on the floor. Part of our biggest problem is he is constantly going all day. He is like a faucet that didnt get shut off all the way- it just drips and drips. A little here, a little there. He has great bladder control when he wants to so I know he CAN. He just doesnt. Oh my heck I am so glad the first 2 days of this hubs will be home to help out I am going to lose my freaking mind.
Thankfully things started looking up after his nap. Which I am PROUD to say he woke up from bone dry :) He went in the potty and we went on with our day. We did break the stay at home all day rule and went swimming at our pool- but he didnt put a diaper on so I think we will be okay. 

Speaking of diapers we bagged up ALL of ours and had a talk about diapers are for babies and he is a big boy. I asked him if we knew any babies and he said NA NA, which is our friend Matthew. We walked down to their apartment and gave him the bag of diapers. No turning back now!

He hardly had any accidents this afternoon. He even had one little raisin sized poo.. followed by a big poo in his underwear. So incredibly gross. I tried to just throw them away but hubs didnt want to be wasteful so HE had to clean them off. I think he is starting to get it though he went tinkle on the potty SO MUCH. 

He is in bed now and wearing pull ups. I know Dr. Lora wouldnt be happy right now but we just dont think he has enough control to hold it all night long and I am fine with this choice. Who knows maybe he will wake up dry again! 
Proof at the end of day one we still like each other. I wouldnt have been able to survive it without hubs being home today and glad he has the day off again tomorrow! I am such a lightweight I would have died. 

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Courtney K. said...

I don't think that wearing a pullup to bed is going to throw off your work. Noah's been naptime potty trained for weeks. But I still let him wear a pull up to bed. We take it off AS SOON as he gets up. He hasn't had any issues, or reverted back to wanting to wear them. Good luck with Day 2!!

kayli sue said...

I so wish I had potty trained before our second was born. It's so hard with a baby in my arms.

Meagan said...

So exciting!!!

the mom diggity said...

Hooray! You survived day 1! You're doing great mama, keep it up!

nicole. said...

and on to day 2!

good luck. sounds like it got a tiny bit better, right?

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