Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Lately I havent been blogging much! Reading, commenting, or posting- sorry wonderful friends for my absence.

Lately we have been re training the dog
Sleep training the toddler
Trying to keep our freshly shampooed carpets clean (wow, hard!)
Enjoying family visiting from out of state
Defusing temper tantrums
Taking naps
Getting headaches
Taking walks
Watching baby Einstein (yeah back to that one?!)

I also assisted an awesome photog at a wedding this last weekend which gave me the bug to get out and build my own portfolio and in the last 15 min I have had a great response on my facebook so that has been quite lovely :)

I will be back soon with lovely pictures and more stories to tell..

Oh well I will leave you with just one- things are really never THIS dull around here. The other day we were at the peds office (just like normal of course) and in walked a mama with the teeny tiny-est baby I ever did see. When asked how old her little girl was she replied with "not due fore 3 more weeks!" ah she was so cute. Ryan agreed. He thought that the kind lady brought that baby girl here for Ryan to hold, kiss on, and then take home. He was quite flustered when he realized that that baby was not coming with us. He kept saying MY BABY MY BABY. ooh dear my little man, someday you will be a brother and a great one at that, just not today- be patient! I am glad I have such a sweet little boy he will make an amazing sibling and a rock star daddy someday!



melissa d. said...

what a stud! no bueno on the headaches, feel better!

Courtney K. said...

Bleh. Headaches are the worst! I hope you are enjoying your little mini-blogging vacay...even though it seems like you are totally swamped. Hope you catch a break and feel better soon!! Miss reading your fabulous posts! Off to look at your pictures on Facebook....

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