Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentines day everyone! I hope that you all have great days with the person or people you LOVE!

Things I love right now are:

honey ginger shrimp for dinner
a son who has been sleeping great and until 8 or 9am
baby wipes- what did I do before those were in my life?
pop corn- the best snack ever
new car parts
Brad's stellar grades
toy story 1,2, and 3
going to our state gymnastics meet this weekend.
my red hair
a husband who does the dishes, takes out the trash, and gives back massages all without being asked.
the 2010 scrap book that will be arriving in the mail any day now
a great camera and lots of online resources to learn from
AMAZING friends
salted caramel's

Love you all!



Meagan said...

Brinley's been sleeping in TOO and I seriously am scared that it will end like any day now. She has definitely moved to one nap a day with sleeping in so late.

Salted caramels???? UM, YUUUM!!!!

Daren and Andrea said...

I love your red hair too!
Actually, I'm totally jealous of it. So pretty...
When I grow up, I want to be you ;)


Mandy said...

What a cute V-Day card!! And I agree that I'm loving popcorn a lot lately, too! And.... baby wipes, and great online resources, and amazing friends... pretty much everything! LOL

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