Tuesday, January 4, 2011

things that yell in the night

Four days into this amazing year known as 2011 and its been showing us that life will continue to be real- sometimes in the good way and sometimes in the not so good.

Imagine for a second the most annoying, ear piercing sound ever. Nails on a chalk board style. That was the yell coming out of our sweet boy's mouth at 4:30 am. The last since he was born 19 months ago few weeks Ryan has been having a hard time sleeping through the night. Hes not hungry, thirsty, poopy, or anything he just stands at the rail of his crib thank goodness hes still in there and not a toddler bed, and YELLS. AHHHHHHH *breathe AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH cycle continues. I wish so badly it was a sob or a whimpering cry but no, its this off pitch, loud as you can, only drunken men at football games sound like this, yell. He will continue to hold the note longer and louder til we finally go in to ask him "what ever do you want?"

Last night we both had e-nough. One difficult night of making him "yell it out" and we would be back to our crazy version of normal. Ryan had different plans. At 4:30 he startled awake and the yell came bursting out. full. volume. Hubs checked on him then closed the door. We closed our bedroom door too, buried ourselves under 4 pillows and all the blankets just praying that he would shut up and go back to sleep.*insert evil laugh HERE* After 45 min of jaw clenching, foul language, and promises to beat his butt into next Sunday I got out of bed. Poor guy didnt know what was coming.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" said this mama! Actually I yelled nearly at the top of my lungs right back at him. That will show you mr. man child! Ryan burst into real tears and buried himself in his blankets. Just like we were trying to do in our room! I explained to him- in the best of my stressed out, sleep deprived ability, that this was not acceptable and has to stop now. I promised him that if life was this difficult I would sit in the rocking chair and watch him sleep. Oh dear does my neck hurt this morning!

Keeping my fingers crossed that all it took was 1 night of immature yelling by mom to make him cut it out.

I promised Ryan in his boy boy unders for you and here they are. I will be the worst potty training parent because I HATE the accidents. We still have them every time he wears underwear and he  is still honoring his vow of silence and wont talk, with those combined there is just no way around this. But darn he looks cute.

Potty training 1/4/11 = fail


Ryan had a hard time understanding why pooping in the tub and peeing on the bathroom counter do not earn you any "potty treats"


Mandy said...

Oh man! I can relate to the early screaming fits. Bennett does that sometimes and it's so hard not to just lose it! But, you did your best and you just have learn as you go. You're a great Mama!
And that Ryan... he's so cute! Good luck with the potty training!

Ryan and Meagan said...

did I see Nutella and Girls Scout thin mints in your cabinet?? UM YUUUUUM!!!

I will not face potty training until I HAVE to. I'm hoping Brin just skips this stage and one day she's like, "Mom, can I wear panties and I won't have an accidents...promise!"

A mom can dream right??

Heather said...

Uggghhh, I am NOT looking forward to Potty Training!!!!

Shawntae said...

Wow I bet that can get frustrating! You are such a good mommy for being calm with him. Oh and him in the under roos. Oh my gosh. I die.

AmyLee said...

i am already dreading potty training & it's over a year away. ugh. good luck with that!

Andrea said...

lol.. Too cute.. I love the little training pants.. kar, is having nothing to do with this.. so, if you have any tricks.. Let me know :)

Andrea said...

lol.. Too cute.. I love the little training pants.. kar, is having nothing to do with this.. so, if you have any tricks.. Let me know :)

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