Monday, January 17, 2011

potty training diaries part 2

photo by me, edited by L.M. Giberson photography

After sitting around all day long I realized that we could have been working on the potty training again! At 4:12 he put on his Thomas underwear and by 4:30 he had peed on the couch. 

I really hate the accidents. I know they are part of the training but I cant stand it. As soon as I have to clean up tinkle on my floor I run to the diaper hanger and give up. Ryan needs me to just get over it. He  is so ready for this and I worry that if we dont just push through now there is a chance that later on he will fight me on it. I have to go with the flow so to speak. Yes pun intended. 

We went through more pairs of under roo's than I could count between 4 and 8pm but he got the hang of it. He ran to the bathroom a few times even! There were plenty of accidents but thats part of the deal. I washed them all and we will be at it again in the morning. 

There was no way I was going to try over night, I am not that brave yet. 

day 1. success. 


1 comment:

Linkie Lueville said...

Grrr. I need to just get over it and do this with Claire (when we are at home) if sue can take a big girl bead so easy, she should bs able to potty train just as easy, it just takes ME being devoted to it. :/

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