Saturday, January 1, 2011

potty training diaries part 1

Probably the weirdest thing I have ever done as a parent. I have no clue what I am doing what-so-ever and letting Ryan lead 100%. Dr. Phil told me (and the other millions of viewers) that you cant control how the food goes in and you cant control how it comes out. I am going to document our progress so when I am pulling out my hair with future children screaming "how in the heck did I do this last time" I can just reference back.

17 months. Ryan starts showing interest in the potty so we bought a little squishy, sesame street potty seat. First time he tinkles! He loved it when I flushed the toilet when he was on it so we flushed 6 times and he got to have a snack (pictured above)

I wasnt going to hold my breath and glad I didnt. He was scared of it for the next month or so. I bought the 3 day potty training guide from Lora Jensen and planned on hitting it hard in February when he was the recommended 22 months of age and I had the 3 days to dedicate at home.

19 months he started asking to use the potty again, for real. Insisting almost. So we pulled sesame street out of the closet and let him try. Number 1 AND 2! I had to call my mom and share the great news. He continued to lead us to the potty a few times a day and was doing really well.

So we bought yo gabba gabba unders at the store and tried them out. I need to snap a picture of him in them because they are just to die for. The first hour in his unders he had 3 accidents and pooped on the bathroom floor- minor set back.

At this point we are just doing diapers and he is still asking to use the potty- in sign language, he still refuses to speak. We will probably try the underwear again soon if I have some days off from work. Plus of potty training he is obsessed with clean hands- he thinks washing them with the foamy soap is the coolest thing ever.

I will check back soon.

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