Sunday, December 19, 2010

ho ho ho mom fail

Christmas is almost here. Mom = fail. I haven't taken Ryan to see Santa and we arent going to this year, I am not paying $ to have him scream on some old mans lap. Call me a grinch but we have many more Christmas's ahead and when he asks to go, we will. I didn't get a "Christmas outfit." We showed up to church today where all the littles were really dressed in their Sunday, holiday best. Oops. I haven't wrapped any presents. The wrapping paper is under the crib and every time I can take a huge breath and think about that he is sleeping. No way in you-know-where I am going in there while he's snoozing. We haven't done any Christmas activities- no baking, no caroling, no treat giving, no tree hunting. The only way we have a tree this year is because my MIL donated an extra one they had. And guess what- none of that bothers me! Christmas will come whether we are "ready" for it or not. I hope.

Typical Ryan, crazy toddler. And our tree.


Ben & Jen said...

Guess what... you are totally right. None of that matters. He won't care about any of the things you have or have not done. And people understand about busy lives. He will have MORE than plenty of time to sit on santas lap and you are right. He would just scream at him. Save it all for next year... or the next... when he will enjoy all of that. For now, just enjoy some lovey time with him. BTW... neither of my girls have "new holiday outfits". We haven't caroled, visited santa, or made treats. (I do have presents wrapped cause its necessary now) They have both survived. Love you!

Nick and Jill said...

AMEN!! that's all i need to say

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