Saturday, November 27, 2010

time for some mine

I havent been writing about Monkey as much lately. Its probably because he will do 10 things a day that make me go- OH I need to put that on the blog. Then by the time I get him to bed I am too darn tired to remember what it was that made me laugh that day. I decided it would be best to pull out the camera. Here's to you kid!

Ryan has been wanting to spend lots of time with me lately so we decided to make brownies! He loved helping me and I let him sneak a taste. 

This is what it looks like when I try to vacuum. He will stand there and laugh at me. He has never been afraid of that thing and sometimes I wish he was! I will run over his toes over and over and he still wont budge. We got him a toy vacuum which he will RUN and get to follow along with me. Then its a game of lets run our vacuum into mommies which is always really productive.

Bathtub crayons are the best! They make tubby time last twice as long and are easy to clean up. I love toddler art!

This flip in emotion is pretty standard these days. We are heading into the terrible two's at full speed. One minute he will be my sweet little bubbly angel child and then next I want to run and hide in the closet- which I have actually done before. He is full of a lot of personality thats for sure. 

Today we went to lunch with some friends of mine from elementary school- Caige and Katie. I took the 2 pictures above while Ryan was anxiously waiting to see baby Graycie who also came along with her mama, Caige. We havent seen each other  in almost 10 years. It was great to catch up even though Ryan was just *awesome* as you can tell. 


Short Leg Lucy said...

him and Maia both!!! hahaha gotta love the flip attitude in .028 of a second

Jhen.Stark said...


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