Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Confessional

I confess I put my child on a leash. 
ooh the shock. ok I will give you a moment to compose yourselves..
ME? LAUREN? I am that mom? You bettcha!

So sue me people- I am not a bad mom. Don't look at me like I can not control my child because I CAN. Getting him on a leash as some might call it is not a sign of a bad mother or someone who has no parenting skills at all. It is not about keeping him in line or obedience in public. It has nothing to do with discipline at all. I can do that just fine from a shopping cart 
(wait who am I kidding, this is my son we are talking about hahahahahahaha)

 I choose to keep him SAFE from all the creepers and weirdos out there. Just because I choose to do it by keeping him "linked" to me I get dirty looks, everywhere we go. It makes me crazy, I feel bad for the poor old grumpy person in the produce section that dare makes a face at me cause they have a tomato flying toward them next time. Now that we have sweet "walky feet" he wants to use them all the time so this is the best option for us. I have nightmares of loosing him and watching poor families on the news begging for the safe return of their kiddos makes it worse. If there was something I can do to insure that there is no chance he could be snatched from me I would do it. All it takes is a second when your back is turned. 
So..... Introducing,

"pack pack"
Ryan had a hard time saying back pack and his other monkeys are already named Joey and Henry so we will just call him pack pack. He LOVES him!! When we pulled it out of the box Ryan's eyes got SO big and he gave him lots of hugs and even a kiss. He is so proud to carry his pack pack around and thinks its so funny when people comment on it. Unless we pull the leash out of the pocket then they give me the evil eye cause BAM all the sudden its not cute anymore ;) 
Ok continuing on.. we love our pack pack. its the best. Its the cutest when I put Ry in his car seat and give him pack pack to play with, he talks to him and plays with the leash tail and pats him on the back.
 I never feel back about strapping it on and letting him run for it.


Ben & Jen said...

I love his pack pack and say GO SIS for using it. I don't want some sick perv stealing my little guy, so props for having the guts to use it. I used one with Goose, and will with itty bitty if it means she will stay safe. I just wish they made one for 9 year olds... now what kind of looks do you think I would get for that one??? Love you!

Esther said...

I'm sooo getting one as soon as Elliot starts walking a lot! I have ALWAYS wanted one of those for my little kids-its too bad you get bad looks, those people have NO clue! and that monkey is Adorable!

michelle said...

These are so darn cute.......I can't imagine anyone giving you a dirty look.......I only wish these were available when my kids were little. Anybody who gives you a dirty look either doesn't have children or doesn't remember how intense toddlers can be.

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