Tuesday, April 13, 2010

over looked

Today I am grateful for the little things...

the awesome entertainment center we got for $40!

ryan putting a ball into a small hole on a toy of his

sleeping til 9

i have lots of amazing pictures of family, friends, and life

i saw the sun yesterday

finding a cute skirt for an upcoming wedding on SALE

a white-trash amount of milk cartons on my back porch... full of water for food storage

covered parking space

an amazing vacuum that gets my carpet really clean so i dont feel bad about ryan eating his snacks off the floor

nap time

bathtub letters that make it easy for us to leave each other love notes

great songs like the ones i just added to my page



The Hardy Things in Life said...

Love it Lauren!! So you found a skirt for the wedding? That is awesome! I totally agree with you on the vacuum, I LOVE mine too!! Guess it's a good thing we have the same one!! Don't forget to stop by, we aren't too far away!! haha!

Kayli Sue said...

Haha I totally let my son eat off the carpet too! It's just so perfect because I know they will end up there anyway! Your blog is adorable!

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