Sunday, January 31, 2010


I need to blog more.. I thought that the only things that mattered were the big things- holidays, vacations, birthdays. Every day in my life something new happens, whether its good or not so good! one of my goals for this year is to document all the things that go on and some of them may only be cool for me to read so sorry everyone.
Cool things...
my baby is crawling everywhere
he still doesnt sleep ever, which is why I am watching him rearrange my file cabinet at 12:30 am while I type this
Brad might be getting a better job, second interview is Tuesday
I have all of my pictures and other art work hung up in our new home
it actually feels like home now
3 weeks left of gymnastics
I am starting ballet lessons again
finally resigning up for Heritage Makers
I am looking at a picture frame on my desk that is super cute.. but still has the pictures of happy families that arent mine in it.. the ones that it was holding in the store
I have awesome friends, ones that live SUPER close (Arlee!) ones that live a short drive down the road and ones that live in other states... I am so lucky :)
I have been up to visit my parents every month since they moved back in July :) one of these days Ryan will actually sleep there. its my goal
Brad got Ryans crib and changing table done, bought me a glider and set it all up while I was out of town :) hes amazing. and its great to finally have a nursery!
who needs toys when you have a box?
everyone keeps asking me if I am ready for another baby yet.. for real? hes 8 months old. i dont have the energy for that one. give me time people!

going to try to put baby back to bed..

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Mike and Tiffany said...

You must be exhausted! It's a good thing he is so darn cute!!! Hopefully one day, soon, he'll just start sleeping for you! :)

I got {surprisingly} pregnant with my 3rd when my 2nd was just 8 months old. I am having a blast with all three, but I am tired!

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