Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Bite of Seattle

This last weekend Ryan and I were lucky to join Cindy (my MIL) at the Bite of Seattle- a big festival celebrating food, music, and fun at the Seattle center. Cindy had a vendor booth set up so we went along to help her out. The weather was super hot the whole time and we both got some nice tans.. ok so we both just got burned but it was worth a try. We met up with Heidi and baby Landon, and Grandpa Devon and Uncle Tanner as well. It was fun to share the weekend with friends and family. Bradley was able to come up Sunday and play with us, we stayed 1 extra night and did some touristy stuff down town. We strolled through pike place market, stopping to get fresh doughnuts and some amazing cherries. We also visited the Seattle Aquarium- somewhere I hadn't been since elementary school and had a yummy dinner at the Melting Pot! Ryan was so good and had fun looking around at everyone and everything.
However, little man did have TOO much fun on Saturday and I was grateful for Children's Hospital only 5 miles away- it was so hot outside he got a bit dehydrated so his pediatrician told me to get him to the ER right away! I cried the whole way to the hospital thinking I am the worst momma ever, how could I let this happen!? He ended up being ok, they watched him for a while and had me nurse him a ton, we left 2 hours later. Childrens hospital in Seattle was so amazing! Everything was baby sized for Ryan. I felt so safe there knowing they they were all experts in little humans :) Next time we have to make an ER trip I will be headed to a childrens hospital down here in Portland!
In other news- Brad is working hard selling home security systems (if anyone wants one hit us up!) but unfortunately hes working 1.5 hours away in the Dalles, OR. Which means we dont have alot of time with him these days and we miss him alot, but he'll be closer soon. He is also looking into joining the Army National Guard!! (I love a man in uniform) It will be a great way to get his student loans paid off, have some extra income, BENEFITS, and oh yeah- the reason Brad wants to do it- he gets to go play Jack Bauer once a month. mmmm boys and their toys.
I am settling into this Mommy business- I think anyway. Some days I feel like I have a handle on things then a wrench gets thrown into the mix. But it will always be that way! I am getting SUPER excited for my family to move back to the great northwest. They will be 3 hours north of us, in Woodinville. Im looking forward to sneaking away up there often and playing with my mom and sisters. August 2nd cant come soon enough.
Good news minute- Ryan slept through the night TWICE this week! ahh success!
I also really want to get my Heritage Makers business up and running but I am being chicken about putting myself out there- so HERE I AM WORLD! If you want to do any digital scrap books or other fun projects go to and then let me know what you want to do. they have a ton of great templates or if you are feeling creative you can design your own stuff. I havent gotten my own website set up yet but if I hear you guys are interested then I will get that going. Let me know!!!!!!!!!!!


Chelsea said...

Your looking skinny! Sad about Ryan getting scary. How is nursing going? I hope we can work it out so I can see you when I come to Vancouver. Take care!!

Meagan Briggs said...

No, not diabetic. I just need to watch my sugars more closely. The ice cream and swedish fish the night before the test probably didnt help!!!

The Beesley Family said...

hey girl! i stalked your blog ;) you can stalk ours too if ya want. Im gonna check out your website- I LOVE that kinda stuff! Hope you can make it to playgroup sometime soon! Talk to ya soon! Angie

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