Friday, January 4, 2013

writers block

I have 11 posts in my draft folder right now. Now 11 may not be that many to a full time blogger who plans to finish all of those by the end of next week but for me, it is 11 attempts to break my writers block. 11 times I sat down and then failed.

I think part of it is because I have so many things to say and I can't even begin to organize my thoughts. I am actually contemplating doing one of those bubble style spread sheets from grade school where you put all your thoughts and ideas down then piece them together.

Let's start with something I know how to do- talk about my babies.

We decided not to do a huge birthday bash for Weston's 1st birthday. It goes against everything I love and believe in for little kids but I couldn't pull it together this year and I need to keep reminding myself he doesn't care one bit. We did have cake though.

Poor baby had the same thing we all had (and by all I mean the entire country!) the nasty cold/flu bug that went around at christmas. He was SO SICK on his birthday and spent most of it crying in my arms. You can tell by his little puffy eyes :( 

He has started perfecting the art of tantrums and they are so flipping adorable and sad at the same time, he will get upset over something and throw his hands on the ground, make a loud cry, and then collapse in a ball of tears- only to be over it 10 seconds later and playing with toys or laughing at his brother. 

He hates to be tossed in the air or even held out away from your body! Every time he starts to shake and breathe really fast then grips onto you like his life depends on it and will not let go. Its so crazy! 

He is the biggest cuddle bug again, he realized that yes it is totally awesome to be adventurous with your brother but it is equally great to be in your mama's arms. I love this. 

Oh Ryan, where do I begin. He is seriously awesome. I LOVE his age. I am working on a whole other post about getting older, but for now I will just say that he is my favorite person to be around. Yes we butt heads a fair amount but he is just so fun. We have great conversations- that actually have a purpose and go back and forth! We make jokes with each other and laugh til our sides hurt. He is smart and cool. I love it so much now I can't wait what this year will be like with him turning FOUR. 

And that's all I've got tonight....... so tired.........

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