Friday, October 26, 2012

life lately

Ryan asks me all the time- so tell me about your day! Or in the morning he will say "tell me about your day, the one called yesterday"

This morning we had an interesting conversation about babies because he was confused why Nemo didn't grow in his mommy's belly.

I also couldnt find Finding Nemo in our movie queue because its called FINDING Nemo, not just Nemo. It took me way too long to realize that one.

Weston is taking STEPS. It's not enough to call it walking by any means but it is pretty exciting.

He is signing "more" for the first time

Somehow the kids have both been sleeping in til around 9am. Its heavenly. Weston sleeps because Ryan isnt bugging him and Ryan sleeps because I let him sleep on a little bed on the floor in my room. win/win, yes.

I bought my first jug of cider this season, why I didn't do this a month ago I will never understand

Ryan is totally rocking it at preschool and I have a fridge full of projects and homework sheets to prove it!

The current favorite toy of both my boys is a pack of kazoo's I got in the dollar bin at target.

We are watching UP. I have never seen it before (yeah I know) I just bawled through the scene where they showed their life together!

On repeat-

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