Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weston is 8 months old

Here we are! Another month goes by. Weston Teuscher is 8 months old!

I say this every month and I will say it again. He is perfect, he is the happiest baby on the block just like Easton from A Sorta Fairy Tale. They are bff soul mates. I couldnt ask for a more wonderful baby and I love him more than words can say. 

He only cries when he is tried or hungry and is always easily soothed. He laughs and smiles all the time, he is my magical baby and everywhere we go people fall in love with him.

At 8 months-

dont have a weight this month but he is losing his baby chub and thinning out a ton

wears 9 month size clothes or 6-12 month old navy
cloth diapering 95% of the time
size 3 disposables

goes to bed around 8pm and is in bed for 12 hours, waking up once or twice to nurse. 
takes 3 solid naps a day
plays in his crib when he wakes ups so I never know exactly how long he sleeps
sleeps on his side or tummy 

walks along everything 
tries to crawl up the stairs
gets stuck under the kitchen chairs 10 times a day

has very dry skin and needs lots of lotion- pretty much always has diaper rash

is obsessed with his pacifier and blanket and has to sleep with them every time
only sleeps in his crib, refuses to sleep in my bed and it makes me sad

breastfeeds 3/4 of the time and the other feedings has formula. I never thought I would be using formula but I will write more on that later. still super distracted while he nurses so I only feed him in his room with the lights out.

eats table food and loves it. 
he has nailed the pincer grasp and can pick up small bites of food. 

loves to be tickled and laugh
loves to talk and says gaga, dada, and baba
loves to play with Ryan in the car and hates it when we go anywhere without him

growing some HAIR! its coming in really fast too. 

hates to have his diaper changed or get dressed he screams and wiggles away

has 2 teeth, his top ones are about to poke through so its lots of teething tablets and tylenol 

doesnt care about watching tv, thank goodness

loves books and pictures

loves to lick all things glass or metal 

favorite toys are balls and mommy's headbands

loves to take baths with Ryan

Daddy is his favorite person and he gets mad when he leaves

But if he is just with me and I leave the room he cries s ton, we have hit the separation anxiety stage and he prefers to be with mommy or daddy, he will still go to other people and even "strangers" without crying but he will always reach back to me. 

thinks its silly when I sing but loves it when Ryan sings to him. "soft kitty" is his favorite song 

We love you peanut! You are the best, happy 8 months.

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