Tuesday, July 24, 2012

bragging rights

Things may be crazy, I may feel like I am losing my mind or some days it is gone completely but there is a time I do feel whole- it is with a camera in my hand. I cant imagine my life without the gift of photography.

So anyway- bragging time! These kids are crazy awesome.

WESTON is standing up- he pulls himself up on everything and this morning I walked into his room and he was standing in his crib! Time to lower the mattress again.. He also decided baby food mush wasnt all that bad.

RYAN says I love you ALL the time. I dont have to prompt him he will just walk up and say "mom I just love you so much" and if anyone says I love you to him he says "I love you too!" fastest way to melt this mom heart for sure. But then he goes and says he doesnt want to nap or go play alone because he just loves me too much.. gahh kills me every time. OKAY FINE have whatever you want!

I cant get my linki to work so PLEASE go on over to the facebook page and post your bragging rights post so we can all oooh and ahhhh over your kids (fur babies count!) 

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