Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weston is 4 months old

This chunk-a- hunk is already 4 months old! Its been 4 months since I had my successful VBAC, since Ryan became a big brother, since I became a mommy of 2, since I heard his cries for the first time. We have already been through so much and he seems so grown up already. Its hard to remember that not too long ago he was a little preemie clothes wearing infant.

At FOUR months:

weighed 13lbs 9 oz at a sickie check up
wearing 6 month clothes
started cloth diapers! wearing one-size bum genius pockets

has the fattest neck and gets rashes under there sometimes
has chunky rolls everywhere
 sitting up almost on his own
wont roll over anymore
still sleeps on his tummy
takes cat naps during the day (booo I miss long naps!)
sleeps okay at night, wakes up a few times to eat or because he lost his pacie
still loves his pacie and his wubanub
always hold onto the neck of my shirt when we are cuddling
prefers his bed over mine 
scoots a bit while hes on his tummy
all of his hair from birth is gone :(
eyes are still really dark blue
smiles and laughs ALL the time. is SO loud!

puts the wubanub pacie in his mouth all by himself
still exclusively breastfed and loving it
eats whenever he wants
gets very distracted by Ryan when he is trying to eat or fall asleep though
loves the moby wrap
loves baths finally- kicks and splashes the whole time
still spitting up a ton no teeth yet though
loves to pull my hair 

chew on his hands and fingers all the time
sucks his thumb 
 loves to sleep on daddys chest in the mornings
loves to watch me cook while he sits in the bumbo
likes to lay in bed with ryan while we read books
is getting heavy to carry around in his car seat
likes to watch TV (oops)

Love you big boy! 

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