Thursday, January 12, 2012

2 weeks old

I cant believe its already been 2 whole weeks since I heard his cry for the first time. I am sure every week from here on out I will feel the same way. Time is moving so quickly I just want to freeze it and live in this moment for a while longer.

7lbs 11oz | 20.5 inches

He did really good at his 2 week check up! No crying at all he just laid there and slept away while the dr looked him over. He is still sleeping all day and now is awake most of the night. We are all pretty tired around here as big bro isnt sleeping at night either (are we surprised? I think not) I am trying to wake him up every 2 to 3 hours during the day to eat and then praying that the long stretches of sleep will start happening at night instead of in the afternoon. I have never had to wake up a baby before this is so weird. 

He loves taking baths. He has had one in his baby tub and a few with me in the big tub. He loves the water and kicking his legs around I am assuming just like he did in my belly. 

He is big on the pacie and having a blanket to hold. His moro reflex is pretty strong and every time we lay him down on his back his arms fly out and he gets really scared. He is starting to keep his hands in tight little fists on his chest during diaper changes its so cute. 

I am finally physically feeling better and starting to heal. Breast feeding is going great and my body is finally regulating my milk supply! However, I worry about postpartum depression as it is something I struggled with so badly the first time so we will see how that goes. 

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