Saturday, November 26, 2011

thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving 2011 was much like 2010. I cooked at my house along side my wonderful mama while the boys napped, played around, and watched a movie. There was the parade and the dog show on as well! This year we did have a few changes, Ryan actually ate at the table, charger under his plate and all. We were of course in our new house and had much more room to enjoy each others company unlike last year in the apartment.

In the spirit of the holiday season Ryan decorated his first gingerbread house while the turkey was in the oven. It was cold and rainy outside but the scene inside was heavenly. I wish my sisters could have joined us but I was grateful to spend the day with my 2.5 boys, my parents and my brother.

thankful for
my faith and God
modern medicine 
healthy, thriving, beautiful toddler
healthy, thriving, beautiful baby in utero
hard working husband
new home
new friends
family near and far
answered prayers

and for the little things
apple cider
fav reds starbursts
leg warmers
baby bump that holds up my cereal bowl
body pillows
Up All Night for making my marriage feel normal
new bumbleride double stroller
pretty pictures

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