Saturday, November 5, 2011

super hero mom

I rarely capture Ryan, just being Ryan anymore. We seem to be so busy in the day to day. Lunches, target trips, "Moo, Baa, Lalala" before nap time and so on. Here is my big boy playing with his farm. We sang Old Mcdonald at least 15 times. 

Apparently when I had him I became a super hero with magical healing powers. I have always been the one to make things better, to calm his colic, cuddle the grumpies away, kiss his imaginary and real boo boo's. I am called on to get things off the top shelf, to change batteries, and cut up food into bite size pieces. To him, Mommy can do it all. There is nothing I cant help him with or make better.
 Til lately. He loves raw pasta noodles yet he doesnt understand why I cant put them back together when he breaks them. Our portable dvd player died today and it broke his heart when I told him I couldnt fix it. When helium balloons lose their gusto there is nothing I can do but pop them and toss them in the trash. I cant fix it all even though he thinks he can.
 I hope I dont let him down too much over his lifetime. I hope that once he gets that broken pasta is broken pasta and its not the end of the world he will still have faith in me. I hope he still comes to me for a healing hug, I hope he trusts me with his secrets, hopes, and fears. I hope he lets me give him advice.
I hope I can still be his super hero with magical powers, even when has out grown my lap and is big enough to change his own batteries and reach stuff on the top shelf.

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