Friday, October 7, 2011

my 2 yr old reads my blog

We have been working on letters and number for a while now but I had no clue that he was actually reading until today. He must have gone on the computer while I was taking a potty break or eating breakfast and read how wonderful and sweet he has been and decided that was just crazy cakes.

Today the crazy, whinny, unstoppable ryan reared his not so cute head and OH baby I am ready for bed! Well I have an icky sick bug so I have been ready for bed since I got up this morning.

We went to our go-to list of things to do on days like this. Target and the mall where daddy's store is. Everything in between was poor parenting on my part because I let the xoom tablet take care of him most of the day. shhhhh dont tell.

High lights were getting my Zofran filled for FREE because they didnt have the whole prescription?! Go target pharmacy!

The lady at Mcdonalds in the food court telling me the meal I requested came with 2 cheeseburgers and if this was okay... um take a guess?!

Hub's manager taking one look at me stuffing down my 1st burger and saying "holy cow that (the belly) happened fast" why yes, I do feel like a cow, thank you.

However being as big as a farm animal has its perks.. I am sitting here typing away and watching my belly roll and wiggle non stop! Baby boy has been on the go constantly the last 2 days. I feel like this is a sign of things to come.

Ryan being a rockstar at the chiropractor this morning and insisting on getting adjusted on the grown up table instead of the one painted like an elephant. Afterward he strengthened his neck like daddy...

Okay today wasnt THAT bad after all............. :)

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