Tuesday, October 18, 2011

babymoon in hawaii

Hubs parents took all their kids, 3 couples to Ohau for a week. It was an amazing trip and we are so blessed to have amazing parents. While we were gone my parents watched Monkey and kept a blog about all the fun. To read about his week click here.

We had a wonderful time with hubs siblings and their spouses. We saw pretty much all of the island! Lots of time in the car but it was beautiful. We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, Pali Point (the highest spot on the island with gale force winds!) the LDS Hawaiin temple, and snorkeling at lots of different beaches.

Everyone NOT pregnant or recently pregnant (my SIL just had a baby 2 months ago) got scuba certified and went on a few diving trips. It has become a passion of hubs lately and it was great to see him loving every minute of it while I sun bathed on the boat.

Staying in Waikiki was fun. It is like the LA of hawaii and constantly hustling and bustling there were people, restaurants,and shopping everywhere. If we ever go back to Hawaii we will try to find somewhere more low key to stay but it was nice to be able to walk everywhere and see all the sights so easily this time.

Are you sick of pictures yet? Just wait there is more..

 we are cool parents.

We loved our week away but are SO SO SO happy to be back home with our little man. Its not quite the same when we are apart.

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