Monday, October 24, 2011

29 months a big boy

Ryan just passed the 29 month mark. I dont really refer to his age in months any more. He is 2 and a half now but for blog purposes here it is. 29 months my sweet boy!

A few days before we left for Hawaii, Ryan decided that he wanted to sleep in our guest room/spare room/future big boy room and we let him. The transfer went off without a hitch he LOVED his full size bed with extra pillows and blankets. Of course there was plenty of room for all his stuffed animals too so that was a plus. He slept in the bottom bunk at his grandparents house for a week, also without problems, but has had a hard time since he came back home.

He has been up multiple times every night, getting up each time to come into our bed and ask for all sorts of things. Food, milk, sesame street, to sleep with us.. There are times I am grateful that his bed is big enough for two because I have slept in there with him a few times to get him to stay put.

Okay back to my original point. He is growing up and growing up fast, again. He refuses most things considered for babies anymore. No high chair, no beeb (bib), no rocking chair, no crib. I wish that no diapers was thrown in there but not yet. He wants to pick out his own clothes and put on his own shoes. He doesnt want his sandwich cut up anymore he wants it "big boy style." I have to admit I jumped on the big boy band wagon with haste. I love seeing him in a new light and a new element. He seemed to be thriving with this new outlook on life.

So tonight caught me off guard. He didnt want to stay in his bed (no surprise there we have been fighting it for a week) and so the deal is, if you wont stay in your bed you have to go in the crib. Tonight he actually didnt mind it and asked me to sit in the rocking chair and watch him for a while like we used to. After a few minutes he told me he was ready to go back in his big boy room but wanted the rocking chair to come with us.

I sat there, almost 8 months pregnant and rocked my 2.5yr old son. Sure it was awfully uncomfortable but it was a little reminder that he may think he is all grown up but there is a part of my boy that will always be my baby and he wants it that way. So do I.

I look forward to rocking him again tomorrow.

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