Sunday, July 24, 2011

swimming with daddy

If there is one thing my little fishy likes its swimming. From public pools to the tubby. It was so hot today we cooled off after dinner with a quick dip in the pool. Okay the boys went in while I stayed fully dressed in a chair. This bod is not bathing suit ready at the moment.

one of my favorite things about having a DSLR is the option for rapid fire. I will take 5 or 6 pictures in a row of Ryan and am guaranteed to get some crazy goofy faces. 

Happy Sunday!

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Mrs. T said...

Swimming with daddy is the best. :) One of my daughter's favorite things to do. :)

the mom diggity said...

Soooooo FUN! Such great pics! I love watching my little munchkin swim with her daddy. Daddys are a great invention!

Nicole@MissMommy said...

Great post!. Looks like they had so much fun :)

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