Monday, June 20, 2011

fathers day

Yesterday's holiday was a little over shadowed by the fiasco going on at my house. However we did manage to give daddy his present- some sweet TOMs and the card from monkey. Here is what happens when you try to get a picture of the gift giving.

This would be why there arent that many pictures of Ryan on here these days! But anyway, happy fathers day to our incredible daddy! I got so lucky to have this man as the father of my children. He is such a hands on parent. He never shy's away from a diaper or throw up, he is there to take temperatures and give medicine. He gets up with Ryan every night and always rocks him to sleep with a song. He reads books, plays games, does baths, runs errands with him, they have tickle fights and share food. Its a rare moment when I have to ask for something to be done or for him to get in the parenting game. He has been wonderful and I can ask for more! Especially being pregnant and being sick he has put up with no meals, a messy house, an ugly wife.. he amazes me.

Thanks Brad for all you do for your family, your hard work and dedication never goes unnoticed! Ryan and baby are so lucky to have you.

In non related news we had another poop issue this morning. Woke up to Ryan stripping naked again, poop everywhere. Today I cut off the feet from his one and only pair of zip up jammies. He is taking a nap with them on backwards! I will win this one.
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nicole. said...

bbbahahhahaha. omg. LOVE the pj backwards idea.

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