Tuesday, May 31, 2011

things from today

Favorite things from today:

Watching Ryan try to convince himself that he likes bananas. They kind of make him gag but monkeys like them and so he thinks he should like them too. He only made it 2 bites in when he had to give up, poor boy.

Making it til nap time with out trashing the house with toys! We really stuck to only 1 toy out at a time and he was a rock star at cleaning up.

Watching the movie Babies with Ry, its his new favorite movie. Its the longest he's ever sat still and watched something- even longer than toy story.

Getting pop corn at Target and then making it through the whole store without a tantrum. While we were there I ran into a friend and we were talking about my pregnancy- Ryan then pulled up his shirt and pointed to his belly button "baby."

Dinner at Ikea.

No accidents in his underwears while he was wearing them for a few hours.

Finding Gabba Gabba bedsheets on sale.

Being 10 weeks pregnant today.

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