Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have had some things on my mind for quite some time now and I have shared with a few friends but havent been able to share with everyone- even friends that live down the road. I hope that no one takes it personally that they hear things from my blog before in person. This is my daily journal of our lives, my deepest fears and greatest joys. It's come a long way from the "dear diary" posts of elementary school and I no longer fear that my mom will read through it when I am gone at school. I am comfortable with who I am and have no secrets anymore. Sadly I know that there are people who are really bothered with my blogging and I wish to tell them its not about you, this is about me- I do this for me. 'Nuff said. 

Now that my rant is over one of the great things swimming around in my head and keeping us up til the wee hours in the morning is.. Foster care! I mentioned here that we want to add to our family. Heavenly Father hasnt sent any babies to us yet and we are okay with that. I am learning to embrace HIS time frame.

I have always wanted to have a ton of children. Duggar style. Okay maybe not that many but I love being a mom even though some days its just plain awful. For example your toddler wanting to sit on your lap while you are going to the bathroom. Oh yes true moment from today. So after talking to Jhen about our quest to save the world by loving and supporting one child at a time, the idea of foster care came up. I had wanted to adopt when our biological children were teenagers and headed on their way out of the home but this was something totally new and exciting. 

We have our first meeting this coming Monday- its more nerve racking than your first time behind the wheel and more exciting than Christmas morning. I am looking forward to asking a million questions and soaking everything up like a sponge. I hope to rub shoulders with other foster parents and get a better feel for the club we hope to be a part of. We aren't perfect parents, we don't have a perfect home but we know how to love and we have faith. Sometimes this will be hard, painful, and emotionally draining. I also know that sometimes it will be INCREDIBLE and that feeling is worth it. The road to getting there will be long, lots and lots of training! I am hoping to keep a journal of the process and looking forward to having other little ones running around underfoot. 

"I've found it’s far better to make decisions from a place of hope and trust."



Mandy said...

Wow! You are truly incredible. I think fostering is one of the most amazing, charitable things you can do! I am so happy you're looking into it. Keep us updated! ... and... you already know this - but you are so blessed, and Heavenly Father will continue to send you those blessings if you just keep doing what you know is right :)

Courtney Kirkland said...

This is so, so amazing. You guys will be perfect parents for whomever God places in your care. I'm so happy for you, and eager to see where this journey will take you. :-) Sending lots of prayers you guys' way!

AmyLee said...

wow, i can't wait to hear how your meeting goes & for you to go down this new & exciting chapter in your life. you are amazing!!

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