Sunday, January 23, 2011


When you live where we do, where it rains 80% of the year, something magical happens every so often and if you ask me not enough. When the clouds begin to part and the sun shines its glorious rays;
people emerge out of hiding, from every nook and cranny, they come. We wake up from the hibernation that we so easily fall into this time of year. And we go outside. The sun has healing powers. Besides the vital vitamin D- its magical. The rays have a way with raising our spirits and the blue of the sky can free our souls. 
  Monkey and I live for days like these. Today we bundled up and headed to the nearest park. And just as I suspected. Cars, trucks, minivans- full of families came piling in behind us. Everyone with the same anticipation and eagerness for fresh cool breeze. 
There were roller blades, soccer balls, and picnic lunches everywhere. Ryan and I liked the slide and the swings the best. Well he prefers puddles of wet bark above all else. He is my true blue boy. 

Today my boy thrived. He has been so absent lately and it was great to see him laugh in the wind and chase after me with his arms ready for loves. He loves everything about being outdoors and sadly I know it will go back to the grey and dreary

But we will be here waiting, not so patiently, for the return of days like these. And some time soon they will be here to stay for a season. Hallelujah. 

Today, life is good. Its the kind of day that keep me going. When the dishes and the potty training are ready to suck me in and never let go; I hold on to him. To moments like this one. When he looks me in the eyes and our whole world shines. 


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Mandy said...

Isn't it crazy how many people come out of the woodwork when it's sunny around the PNW? I think we all tend to hibernate in the fall/winter months.... and even into Spring a little, too. I can't wait for summer though, I am going to love being outside all the time with B. He loves it!! These pictures of Ryan are so cute.

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