Tuesday, January 25, 2011

free premier weekend round 2

For the second time ever Heritage Makers is holding a free premier studio weekend. For 3 days you can use all 50,000 pieces of the premier studio art without it costing a dime. You can order the projects you make at regular price after the weekend is over too!
for all the information
 *I couldnt get the whole image to save here. 

example 5x7 invitation

example blog header

For everyone who has used photoshop, shutterfly, snapfish, peartree... You already know how awesome it can be to do your scrap book digitally. Heritage Makers has the most templates and the largest amount of scrapbook art- 50,000 pieces to be exact. PLUS you are never locked into templates, you never have to pick which ONE picture to use on a card, no one will receive a christmas card that looks just like yours. (I got lots of matching cards this year from everyone who printed at costco or walmart)

  page from Ryans baby album

It is JUST like paper scrapbooking.. with no mess. Start with your paper, add some borders, embelishments, cool letters, and your text. Shadow drop things, rotate images, shrink or enlarge photos, and then start over if you dont love it.

 If you are a digital scrap booker or want to give it a try this weekend register for your account HERE and start using the HM studio. 

a 12x12 page made into a dry erase calendar

You will be so happy you did

Email me at StoriesHappen@gmail.com 

To sign up visit www.storieshappen.com


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