Thursday, June 3, 2010


My sister in law, who is due in 6 weeks, and I were at target the other day and we were talking about baby stuff, it made me think about what I really did NEED the first year and what I just thought I needed ;) sure there was much more than just this but these are a few of my favorite things..


Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

This was me reading your blog.
oh ya definitely.
O should have got that.
lol!!! isn't that funny how you really only need a few essentials? I bought way too many things that we never ended it up using.

So how do those fruit net things work??

Shawntae said...

I love the teether net thingys. They are a life savor. Oh my heck kingston is only 5 months and I know what to not buy for my next baby and really what I need. Its funny how when you are pregnant you buy all this needless junk that you realize is a waste of money by the time the baby is here. I second all those listed above they are much much needed

Lauren Alberts said...

Reading over this there are a few more things I could totally add. what do you guys HAVE to have?

The Hardy Things in Life said...

Oh man love all of those items!! What fun!! Good luck with everything this weekend, if you ever need a break you know where to find us!!

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