Monday, September 21, 2009

Beach weekend

We went on a family trip to Rockaway and Cannon Beaches this last weekend and got lucky with amazing weather and a very happy/playful baby! WARNING: Picture overload- there were just so many good ones!

Ryan on the beach, yes we were in short sleeves but little man wore a hoodie and a beanie the whole time, it was kind of chilly for him. This is his signature "I'm about to laugh at you" face. Over the weekend he started "talking" up a storm and sucking his thumb, the latter of the two we will be stopping right away. We just love this baby so much!

Had some amazing views on our drive home, we had to stop and take advantage of this one!

Relaxing on the beach... our trips are so much fun now that we have a family to share them with, the sand was incredible on my toes and I could live on the beach forever, well at least a warm-water beach, ocean here is way too cold.
Ryan slept the best on the sand, go figure! I think it was the rays of sun and the sound of the waves, its bound to relax anyone enough to sleep.
I FLEW A KITE! It was my first time ever and it was harder than I thought! Brad was a good teacher and very patient with me when I kept running it into the sand. The winds on the 3rd day were so strong they practically took me off the ground.
Ryan LOVED the campfire on the beach. Brad, Dad, and Jordan made some amazing tin foil dinners for us and we had s'mores for dessert.
I love taking walks on the beach, not only is it peaceful but it gives my legs a great workout! Ryan was so cuddly in his Moby Wrap and slept a ton
Family photo on the deck of our beach house! It was beautiful and right on the beach, couldn't ask for more! THANKS to Mom and Dad Alberts for inviting us on their weekend, we had a blast.


Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

Cute post! Do you like that Moby wrap thing? I swear everytime I see a baby in one it looks like they are about to slip right out of it. Frightening! What do you think?

Chelsea said...

I love Cannon Beach! We used to go there as a family every spring break! Lots of fun memories there. Ryan is growing up so much! Miss you lots!

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