Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stories Happen!

I am typing this while watching last nights Country Music Awards (gotta LOVE it) so if I sound a little distracted- my apologies!
A while back I jumped on board with an incredible company called Heritage Makers. Their mission is to connect families through the power of stories and preserving YOUR legacy (something President Erying had talked on a not too long ago!). Their product list now includes hard bound books, posters, calendars, single scrapbook pages, and cards- all done BY YOU, online, and shipped right to your door. Now that we're settled into a place and wont be moving around for a while I would love to start working with any of you that have a story to tell or a memory you want to save. I will be working on our Christmas cards later this evening and they are SO cute... There is much more so visit me at
Love you all!

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