Sunday, August 21, 2011

pardon the dust

Thanks everyone for being so sweet and keeping us in your prayers. IT WORKED. We have been looking at moving for a while now as our apartment lease is up at the end of the month, we were planning on renting a house til we are sure of where we want to settle down for the long haul. It felt like as soon as we found a great rental house that met all our requirements it was gone by the time I spoke to the owner. So Saturday morning we packed up the little dude and the check book to look at what I felt was the perfect house for us.

I didnt sleep much the night before and I was a ball of nerves the whole way in the car the next day. At one point I hollered back to Ryan to fold his arms because mama was going to say a prayer. I prayed my heart out that this house would feel like home and it would work out in our favor.

Well friends, our prayer was answered. We are signing our rental agreement and handing over money tomorrow. (I tried on saturday to throw money at the owner so he wouldnt give it to someone else but he said no!)

The house is beautiful and only 1.5 years old. We will be the second tenants! I cant wait to post pictures of it all in few weeks when we are settled. I feel like I can catch my breath for a bit now. Sure I have to pack, move and unpack in 90* heat while pregnant but WHO CARES. We have a home and thats all I wanted. Its been so scary no knowing where we would end up this fall and if we would have space for both our sweet little boys. I feel at peace finally. I am grateful for everyone who's helped us out and sent prayers our way, you are truly amazing.

So pardon the dust around here, lots of packing going on, we will be back soon.

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