Thursday, July 21, 2011

sometimes pregnancy sucks

But dont shoot the messenger, I said sometimes, as in not all the time. Sometimes I feel okay (never great but you can do anything for 9 months right!) sometimes I dont feel nauseous, sometimes I dont have a raging migraine, sometimes I dont ache from head to toe long enough to contemplate getting dressed.
This picture was taken as a joke, my belly was hanging out the bottom of my shirt so I tucked it in- my hair, lets not even go there. But this is how I feel 95% of the time. Last night I went to 3 different gas stations to find the perfect Slurpee, it wasnt until I got home I realized I didnt put a bra on before I left and I had my pajama pants on.

Yes we are keeping it all sorts of classy around these parts.

And oh the heart burn, sweet mother of paul, the heart burn. I think I have blisters in my throat from the tacos I ate yesterday.

See isnt pregnancy tolerable lovely? Yay for 17 weeks, today December feels like a lifetime away.
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Jazmyn Alexandria said...

Lol that's too funny. I hated that feeling of my belly hanging out of my shirt! I don't think I ever forgot to put on a bra when leaving the house though but then again my boobs did get pretty big when I was pregnant so that would have just been awkward!

Also I'm sorry to say this, but it doesn't get any better lol. I was miserable by the 3rd trimester but then again I was dealing with 120°+ weather in the Arizona summer lol.

Oh Jazmyn

Shawntae said...

You are funny and I agree with you! I hate being pregnant but i do love it at the same time. I'm pretty sure this should be your profile picture on facebook. I am in love with this picture and that belly.

Oh and huuuurray for slurpee cravings. If we lived in the state it would be no bueno us being pregnant together. haha

Kristin said...

I love this. You're picture is just a perfect picture to describe pregnancy. You look beautiful and completely natural. I totally agree with the statement about pregnancy sometimes being crappy. It's funny though, It's only been about 4 months and I've already forgotten about most of the suckiness... crazy how an adorable baby can do that to ya! Hang in there momma! <3

the mom diggity said...

Shoot, I'm not afraid to say it sucks. A lot. But at the same's awesome. How does that happen? Love this pic though!!

Chelsea said...

I love this picture. You are adorable!

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